The ideas that eventually formed the roots behind this site started very early on, when I was still in elementary school. It was then that my dad had introduced me to the idea of the value of money.

I had a monthly allowance so I could grow my piggybank and buy toys I could afford, but that could all be taken away. If I yelled at my brother or broke some dishes, I would get fined. And on the bad months, I would even go into debt! Although I was young, this simple concept made me value each nickel and dime that came my way. And if I worked hard and did some extra chores, I would even be able to get more than my normal allowance! 

I have always been grateful to have been raised to understand the value of money, and now, as a 25-year-old young professional, I manage a larger cash flow with a lot of interest in investing and making my money work for me. 

"YWealth" came about as I considered how macroeconomics change across the generations. Between baby boomers and my fellow Millenials (Generation Y), a number of economic factors differ wildly, and I am hoping my passion for figuring out how to financially survive and thrive can help you build wealth.